About Robert Douglas (5th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo)
I eventually earned my Black Belt in 1994, and in the meantime had the honor of being able to teach the Monday/Wednesday Basic/Advanced classes, as well as privates scattered through the week.  Being in the Bay Area I had the chance to get exposed to many other styles of martial arts as well through seminars and individuals.  I stayed with Mr. Sepulveda until my move to Oregon in 2002, and in the meantime had earned my    3rd Black in April of 2002.

Upon moving to Oregon I had the wonderful luck to meet up with Mr. Craig Kuntz and Mr. Jake Hayes.  Before the opening of the Tigard Kenpo Club Mr. Kuntz, Mr. Hayes and myself spent many enjoyable hours in living rooms and garages working and expanding on our own study of Kenpo (and, incidentally, knocking the stuffing out of each other.)   I also managed to remain connected with Mr. Sepulveda, as the association that he created (American Kenpo Training System) includes schools in Oregon.  During one of his training sessions in 2005 I was honored to be promoted to 4th Black.

Self Defense for Your Life
I began my Journey in Kenpo initially in Tucson, Arizona when I was 12 years old.  Ed Parker had just opened a new studio in Tucson, with Mr. Gilbert Valez managing, and my Dad was very keen on what he saw (great compliments if you knew my Father's views on most Martial Arts).  This was around 1977, and my family and I enjoyed our training for about three years, eventually earning our Purple Belts.

I took a break through High School and College, but after getting settled in with a job in the Bay Area of California I got involved again around 1988.  This time I had the great fortune of signing up in a Park and Recreation class run by Mr. John Sepulveda's Santa Clara Kenpo Studios.  Mr. Sepulveda's school immediately captured my and my wife's interest, and we signed up full time to continue our training. 

I taught at the Tigard Kenpo Club for three years, at which point it became necessary to move the club. With great support from Mr. Kuntz, in August of 2008 my wife and I opened Northwest Kenpo Karate. With the help of Mr. Kuntz, Mr. Hurtado, and Mr. Peterson I enjoy continuing to teach, practice, and experiment in Kenpo.  I owe all three a big thank you for helping me achieve my 5th Black on November 5th, 2010.

Mr. Douglas performing Long Form 4.
Mr. Douglas performing Long Form 7.
Self Defense Technique Entwined Maces
Self Defense for Your Life